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The UAVAT was born from the concern of a group of professionals well experienced in the care of victims and people affected by terrorism, and is constituted since the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, on August 17, 2017.

The UAVAT is composed of clinical psychologists, forensic experts, psychiatrists and professionals who are experts in the care of victims of terrorist actions and major catastrophes. In addition, it maintains a close collaboration with prestigious institutions, entities and organizations such as the “Association 11-M affected by Terrorism” and the University of Barcelona.

Our objectives are focused on providing stable support over time, as well as an active resource to guide, advise and assist those affected and their families, relying on the experience and willingness of multiple professionals to offer better psychological care and recovery.

From the knowledge of the procedural, administrative and judicial circuit by which the victims have to walk through as well as the suffering of the people who have lived through a terrorist attack (personal, social and family), the UAVAT assures the active commitment of offering an integrating, continuous and stable attention.

For all the above, we thank you for trusting us and we hope to be your resource of trust in these difficult times.

Entities in collaboration with the UAVAT

Department of Presidency

Government of Catalonia

With the support and funding of:

The Generalitat de Catalunya in an Inter-departmental project coordinated by the Department of the Presidency


SB Psicòlegs

Reference center in Barcelona in post-traumatic and general psychology.


Institut Municipal de Serveis Socials de Barcelona (IMSS)

Ajuntament de Barcelona


Association 11-M Affected Terrorism

The 11-M Association of people affected by terrorism