The Victims of Terrorism are protected by a specific law: law 29/2011, of September 22, of Recognition and Integral Protection of the Victims of Terrorism.

People affected physically or psychologically can request the helpand / or restitution provided by law. The procedure for the recognition of , restitutions, indemnifications  and support be instructed by the competent authorities in the field of victim assistance under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Victims of Terrorism have the right to be represented in criminal proceedings.

When can I need legal or judicial advice?

The UAVAT offers legal assistance in both the administrative and criminal procedure of the attacks

In relation to administrative procedure (requests under the law). It is an unknown circuit, difficult and full of concrete experiences that increase and reinforce the suffering they already have. It is necessary to know, understand and often help them, give support and face-to-face accompaniment to travel it. The professional team of the UAVAT offers continuous advice and support, so the access to the required documentation in the completion of the procedures is as easy as possible.

It’s a circuit that’s too complex to get through by himself …

Even so, we give to the victims the chance to be in touch with our legal advisor expert in terrorism.

This area is intended to address various types of responses and/or claims related to the administrative/labor needs of those affected.

These can be of different types:

Administrative claims: for those affected persons who receive denial answers after the submitted applications , and who have the right to take legal action: allegations / appeal.

Labor claims: for those people who have been affected in the workplace due to the attacks. In this section, we find:

  1. Claims for sick leave: there are a large number of people who, as a result of the physical or psychological injuries they have suffered, have received temporary incapacitation. Although, there is a percentage of these casualties that are categorized as a common disease contingency and it would be appropriate to classify them as an occupational or non-work accident due to terrorism. Claims are also included in the INSS.
  2. Claims for dismissal: there are people who have been unable to be back to their workplaces because of their proximity to the scene or been dismissed referring to the direct relationship with the attack experience.

In relation to the criminal procedure. The criminal trial represents one of the most significant moments of the process. Knowing the rights that come from this circumstance is vital, as the right of private accusation

The UAVAT offers ongoing contact and coordination between the association “11-M Affected by Terrorism” and those victims who want to be represented by them (lawyers and prosecutor) as private accusation. This association offers this possibility for free of charge