The professionals from the UAVAT collaborate actively with different university and non-university training centers, to offer continuous training to experts in the care and assessment of victims of terrorism.

Likewise, all professionals have been trained and perform clinical functions, expert assessment, training and / or research, in centers of recognized prestige.

From the UAVAT we are committed to active participation in the dissemination and creation of scientific knowledge and quality in the field of care for victims. Therefore, we strive daily to be part of congresses, symposiums and conferences, as well as through several collaborations with the media.

Meet all the organizations linked to our professionals

  • Experts in clinical, forensic and post-traumatic psychology

    Our members collaborate actively in research, professional training, university and outreach.

    Courses in Brain Integration Techniques (TIC)

    Training in post-traumatic stress disorder

    Training in forensic evaluations

    Mental health training

    Training in victim assistance

    Training in attention to victims of major disasters

    Training in clinical psychology

    Training in victimology

Centers, organizations and entities

In which our members have collaborated and/or collaborate in order to promote knowledge in mental health and care for victims