II Conference on Applied Psychology in Disasters, Emergencies and Emergencies.

Spanish Society of Psychology Applied to Disasters, Emergencies and Emergencies. (SEPADEM)

The coordinator of the UAVAT, Sara Bosch Carretero, presented on November, 25th of 2017 a conference on “Attacks in Catalonia. The psychological intervention, the challenge of doing it better ”

“In these workshops of SEPADEM we have the need to review how we did it. The psychologists. Formed in crisis intervention and post-traumatic treatment, we are able to cover immediate attention unities. To work in coordination with other professionals. To do first aid and assess the need for follow-up. We are able to treat your injuries.

And for that same professionalism we should be able to ask ourselves if we could and we should do better. Because the psychological wound is a challenge that can overcome the unities, their quality and duration.”